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We serve the Ageless Traveler through their life continuum.

The Active Mature Traveler:

The Ageless Traveler is the experienced, more sophisticated, traveler, comprised of “boomers” and active adults that are ardent tourists and business travelers. They have traveled all their lives and have no intention of stopping because of age. In fact, after retirement they choose travel as their number one activity.

Ageless Travelers are experienced travelers. They tend to travel to exotic locals and seek new experiences, great food, and superior lodgings. Ageless Travelers travel independently as well as in groups, on girlfriend tours, for second marriages, or second honeymoons, and with grandchildren or their older parents. But, they are always seeking what is beyond the ordinary and predictable.

For the Traveler  Who Requires Special Consideration:

Often senior groups and those living in congregate care would like to travel for leisure, but are slower walkers, have or have mobility or mild health issues, or have need of caregiving as they travel for health or relocation reasons.

We can help with unique understanding and services.

If you are:

A Senior Center

Assisted Living Facility

Age Based Community

Continuing Care Facility

Home Owners Association

Faith Based Association

Life Long Learning Institute

Mature Affinity Group

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to plan your group trip or individual travel needs.

We Customize Safe, Healthy, and Experiential Travel

We specialize in covering accessible ways to travel, travel safety, food tips and venues, hotels and itineraries that are especially suited to the Ageless Traveler. We report on unique ways that Ageless Travelers can travel to more robust and demanding venues, such as mountain hiking, high altitude sites and multi sport and challenging sites.

Here are some of the types of grips we can organize for you or a group through our travel agent affiliates:

  • Volunteer travel –voluntourism
  • Life long learning travel
  • Bucket list experiences
  • Multi sport travel
  • Intergenerational travel
  • Second marriage and romantic travel
  • Expat home search travel
  • Second home travel
  • Fractional share and timeshare opportunities
  • Home exchanges
  • Wellness and spa
  • Medical tourism
  • Golf, equestrian and spectator sport travel
  • Special events such as Olympic, and Kentucky Derby
  • Nostalgic travel-back to the roots and  ancestry
  • Bereavement travel
  • And music, art, culture, culinary and intense sightseeing opportunities 


The Chateau de Pys in the French Pyrenees


Nestled in the mysterious Midi-Pyrenees of France, The Chateau de Pys is the perfect intimate couple vacation, family retreat, small conference venue, or girlfriend trip. Surrounded by twenty spas and hot springs, many dated from Roman Times, the Chateau also boasts iconic equestrian experiences and sightseeing to medieval villages such Carcassonne, a fortified Roman walled town and World heritage site, Carla Bayle, an artist conclave, the city of Lourdes, and Toulouse, and tax free shopping in Andorra. 


Chateau de Pys dates back to the 11th Century when the Chateau was occupied by Monks as a monastery,  who it is believed supplied quality wine to the Knights of the Crusade on their long journey to the Middle East. The monastery was subsequently destroyed and a new Chateau constructed in the 16th century. In 1799 the Chateau was occupied by a Chevalier (Knight) de Pis (the spelling of Pys at that time)

Day or evening enjoy the serenity of your private gardens and sybaritic pool. Dine poolside or as royalty in the luxurious dining room, enjoy wine tastings or let us help you create your personal, quintessential Chateau Living Experience.

For Details visit Chateau de Pys