Care Concierge


The Travel Care Concierge 


There are aspects of travel that are difficult for everyone:  transportation, hauling heavy luggage, standing in long-lines, and navigating unfamiliar territory, to name a few.  But let’s face it, we put up with such inconveniences because it is so often during vacations and visiting family that the most memorable moments in our lives occur.

Ageless Traveler has formed affiliations with home health care agencies throughout the nation, and will assist you in finding the right care concierge for yourself or a loved one who wants to travel. If you are traveling with an older family member, you may want assistance on all or a portion of the trip. The Care Concierge will have varying skills depending on your needs.

As we age or because of unforeseen events in our lives, the effort needed to travel seems more trouble than it’s worth…that’s where The Travel Care Concierge comes in.  

  • Health support and care for all medical needs
  • Help with morning and/or evening routines
  • Carry luggage, deal with hospitality people, transport and navigate around town
  • Good company for any activity
  • Costs for these services are generally on a daily or per trip basis, and include the cost of travel for the Care Concierge.

Because this is not an inexpensive proposition for any family or individual traveler, it is essential that you get our help in navigating your alternatives.

We give a private consultation in every case.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your needs, and we will contact you personally to chat.