Trip Insurance


Trip Insurance

As travelers we are concerned with two types of insurance protection. The first is trip insurance in case we have to cancel our trip. The second is health insurance in case we need medical attention while on a trip. And there are other ancillary types of insurance as well; they include lost luggage or trip interruptions or delayed flights. 

Whatever happens, you want to be prepared. Ageless Traveler has affiliated with Allianz the top travel insurance company to bring you their comprehensive coverage. With features like comprehensive trip cancellation and primary emergency medical coverage, 24-hour travel assistance, and optional benefits to tailor the plan to your travel needs, their Classic Plan is the perfect companion for your perfect vacation. Plus - no charge for covering children and grandchildren 17 and under or surprise processing fees! 

We are particularly pleased that even if you have pre-existing conditions you can get health coverage, but please pay attention to any limitations, which are all spelled out when you click the button “Protect My Trip.”

In addition to our Allianz, our group trips from Colette Tours also offer trip cancellation insurance. So, when you travel with us on a group tour, one of our custom tours created especially for you, or you travel independently but want insurance, we can accommodate you.


Protect your Family with Allianz Travel Insurance